"As an event planner and designer of signature events, it is extremely important for me to create quality images and work with vendors who are great at what they do. Shani Gailbreath of Canvas + Coif is not only one of my favorite people, she's the hair and makeup artist I trust my clients with. She produces flawless work with the ability to make anyone (any gender, any race) look and feel their best - all night. Her workflow is efficient and seamless, and she remains calm and confident, making wedding days peaceful and smooth for everyone involved. I highly recommend working with Shani!"
- Lindsy Read, Read Event House Owner + Lead Planner/Designer

"As a Planner, working with the Canvas + Coif team is one of our most valuable assets. Having a beauty partner that we can trust to run on time and ensure our clients' day starts off with a positive and relaxing atmosphere is paramount to the success of the rest of the day. Time and again our clients tell us they want to look like themselves on their wedding day, and our first recommendation is always Canvas + Coif. They accentuate natural beauty like no one else. Our clients have Shani stay for touchups throughout the day, and not only does it allow for a moment of rejuvenation during a long day, but it also makes a huge impact on the photos. Shani and her team are the most talented in the industry while also being warm, personable, and professional. We highly recommend their team all of our clients!"
- Abby McKinney, Abby McKinney Events Owner + Lead Planner

"Canvas + Coif is a planner's best friend! Their ability to take the lead from the start is a huge asset to Lion House as a planner. From the pre-scheduled "let's plan your looks" call with the client, to understanding what it takes to provide a seamless and high-touch service, they go above and beyond. Our bride felt confident, relaxed, and beautiful. Not to mention, not a single person in the wedding party asked for tweaks or adjustments - it was perfection from the start. The team was able to adapt to minor delays and pivots and managed to stay within the timeline - that's a lifesaver to us. While remaining professional and fun, they serviced and pampered our bride and wedding party. 11/10 recommend!!"
- Lauren Watson, Lion House Events Owner + Creative Director

Seen IN

A celebration is fluid, and ensuring your look remains fresh from start to finish is a cornerstone of our concierge service. 
My mission is to create a trusting relationship with each and every client, which demands a focused heart-centric approach.
You deserve to feel the full range of emotions. You can feel all of it - every moment. We are not the kind of team who believes that beauty is a transaction. It is soulful, and it is special. I will be your supportive partner and you’ll be present, entirely, without worry of what the camera picks up.

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photo credit Austin gros

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