How To Prepare For Your Bridal Hair Preview

August 4, 2020

First things first! Get or keep your hair healthy. Now is not the time to start experimenting with new colors or cuts. Yes, get regular trims. No, don’t let your hair grow too long because you think you’ll need the length for your wedding. Yes, start using good quality salon shampoos and conditioners. No, skip the keratin treatment or Brazilian blowout for now. You want your hair to have some texture and be able to hold a style. 

Consider having two hair trials if you are thinking of having an updo or down do that requires extensions or extra hair padding. Have the first hair trial 3 to 4 months in advance to determine what hairstyle you are wanting to achieve. Have a second hair preview 2 to 4 weeks in advance using your new clip-in extensions or hair padding to see what the final look will be. 

Also, consider two different hair looks for your wedding. Maybe try a down look for the ceremony and then an updo for the reception so that you can dance the night away and not have to worry about curls falling or sweaty hair. 

Please know that some hair types just can’t be manipulated into some styles. If you have very thick, slick, dense hair you are going to want to consider a more simple updo with lots of time for hair prep. If you have very fine hair, please don’t be sad when your updo isn’t as full and voluminous. Maybe consider using padding or something with tight curls that will give the illusion of more hair. 

Consider the neckline of your dress and the jewelry you’ll be wearing when considering your wedding hairstyle. If you have a high neckline or a lot of details around your chest and upper back you may want to opt for an all updo so that your dress is visible. If you are wearing a strapless dress or spaghetti-strapped dress you may want something down or half up half down. Also keep in mind any hair accessories you’re thinking of wearing, especially the veil. Things that are clipped in or slid into the hair with a comb or pins will need some texture or teasing to hold onto. You should even bring them with you to the trial.

Come to your hair preview with freshly washed and dried hair with little to no styling products in your hair. It is best to show your hairstylist your hair in its natural state so that you can determine a look best suited for your hair type. You could also plan a GNO with your gal pals to give your hairstyle a test drive. Go out to dinner and dancing to make sure the look you have chosen will last the night.

When looking for inspiration, check out PinterestInstagramred carpet looks, and bridal magazines. Think of what makes you feel elegant, beautiful, sexy, but most importantly, the most comfortable. 


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